"Code Name: Butterflies" is the first documentary to tell the powerful story of the Mirabal sisters of the Dominican Republic. In the 1950s, Patria, Minerva and Maria Teresa Mirabal created a secret resistance movement against Rafael Trujillo, one of the most bloodthirsty tyrants the world has ever known. When the dictator had them assassinated making it seem like an accident, the country rose up against Trujillo and he was killed. The courage of these women, who were simple wives and mothers, who helped bring freedom and democracy to their country is legendary. Today, the Dominican Republic owes much to these incredible women who dared to fight for what they believed in.

"Congratulations on your documentary "Code Name: Butterflies"!  It is very moving. You have truly captured the heroic story of the Mirabal sisters of the Dominican Republic."
Isabel Allende,
author of "House of the Spirits."


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