DVDs of the documentary film "Code Name: Butterflies" can be purchased online, and will be mailed to you within 7-9 days of payment. The cost of a DVD for private viewing is $34.99 plus shipping and handling.
The cost of a DVD for institutional viewing is $199, plus shipping and handling. By institutional viewing means viewing by a university, college, or school audience, or viewing at festive events before an audience.

The DVD features:
. A complete English version of "Code Name: Butterflies" (60 minutes);
. A complete Spanish version of "Code Name: Butterflies," (Nombre Secreto: Mariposas), narrated by Oscar-winning actress Catalina Sandino Moreno.
. A brief "Making Of" the documentary.

The Mirabal sisters fought in the 1950s for freedom and democracy in the Dominican Republic and were killed by the dictator Trujillo. Their death was the catalyst for other revolutionaries to take up the fight for freedom. The day of the Mirabals' death, November 25th, was designated by the United Nations as the "Day of Non-Violence Against Women" in honor of the Mirabals.

For private viewing

For institutional viewing


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Yavalys Gonzalez, Yaremis Perez and Rosana Montenegro as Minerva, Maria Teresa and Patria Mirabal

Minerva Mirabal is forced out of the jeep

Patria says goodbye before leaving for Puerto Plata
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