Preparing to shoot the death scene at the
Botanical Gardens in Cuba

The women are ambushed and taken
to the sugar cane field

Composer, Angie Del Riego with daughter
Amalia Maloney and editor Jamie Godfrey recording
voices for the theme song: "Bachata de las carteras

The whole team during the musical recording

Ben de Menil of IASO Studios during the musical
recording in New York

Rafael Olivares, second guitarrist during
the musical recording

The director compares a photo of the
real Minerva with the actress

The director prepping the scene where Trujillo
tries to seduce Minerva

The narration was recorded at
Soundtrax in Manhattan

Editor Jamie Godfrey and production assistant,
Alejandra Lea-Plaza

Angie and Rafael sing the documentary theme song

Angie del Riego and Cecilia Domeyko during
the musical recording

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