"CODE NAME: BUTTERFLIES" and Director Cecilia Domeyko spent many months in 2009 on the road presenting the documentary at festivals and special events in several countries around the world.

The documentary was on the Official List at festivals in:
The Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival in Colombia
The International Film Festival of Romania in Arad, Romania.
The International Film Festival of Romania, in Bucharest, Romania.
The Boston Latino International Latino Film Festival, in Boston, USA.
The Festival of New Latin American Film in Havana, Cuba.
The Cinesol Film Festival in Texas, USA.
The International Film Festival of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
The "Todas Las Voces, Contra el Silencio" Film Festival, in Mexico.
The documentary was won the following awards at international film festivals:
The Silver Telly Award for Directing at the Telly Film Festival,
The Silver Telly Award for Direction of Photography, at the Telly Film Festival,
The Copper Telly Award for Film Biography at the Telly Film Festival,
The Cine Latino Award at the Washington Latino Independent Film Festival in Washington,






Cecilia traveled in December of 2009 to Cuba, where the documentary was on the Official List at the Festival for New Latin American Cinema in Havana, Cuba.

Following its showing at the festival, the documentary had its Cuban Premiere on December 11. The event was held at the Aula Magna of the José Martí National Monument (Revolution Square), where the film was viewed by an audience of 250 people, including members of the cast and crew, and celebrities from the film and diplomatic world, and government.

Cecilia habla durante la premiere del documental
en La Habana

Yaremis Pérez (Patria), Cecilia Domeyko y Yovalys González (Minerva) durante la premiere del documental en La Habana

Cecilia Domeyko, Aida Arrondo, Erik Delgado durante la presentación en el festival de cine

Raonel Rodríguez (Productor General), Aida Arrondo (Coordinadora), Cecilia Domeyko y Ceturi (Asistente de Producción) frente el Memorial José Martí


Poster publicado para la premiere de
"Nombre Secreto: Mariposas"
el día 11 de diciembre del 2009 que tuvo lugar en la Sala de Actos del Memorial José Martí, en La Habana, Cuba.

Cecilia Domeyko (Directora), Yavalys González (Minerva) e Iván (El Flaco) Díaz (Director de Fotografía) durante la presentación del documental en el festival de cine.

Celebración luego de la premiere del documental en La Habana. En la foto, Yavalys González (Minerva), Cecilia, Aida Arrondo (Coordinadora) y Erik Delgado (Cámara)




In October of 2009, Cecilia traveled to Arad, Romania, where she was invited to present her film, "Code Name: Butterflies" at the International Film Festival of Romania, where it was on the Official List. The documentary competed in the "Women Filmmakers" section of the festival.






On July 1, "Code Name: Butterflies" premiered in the Dominican Republic. Invited by the Julio Cesar Valentin, President of the Dominican House of Representatives, Cecilia presented the film at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo) before an audience of 250 people. The showing took place in the Manuel del Cabral Theater at the University. The Autonomous University of Santo Domingo was founded by a Papal Bull in 1538, and is the oldest university in the Americas.

Members of the Mirabal family were all in attendance at the Dominican Premiere, as were survivors of the Trujillo regime, interviewed on camera for the film, as well as their friends and families.

Angie Del Riego, composer of the lyrics and music of the theme song for the documentary sang following the showing of the film, during a cocktail party attended by members of the political, diplomatic and cultural elite of Santo Domingo.

Angie Del Riego (Compositora), Julio César Valentín (Presidente de la Cámara de Diputados dominicana), y Cecilia Domeyko, durante la premiere del documental en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

Abel Peralta, Cecilia Domeyko y Manuel Jiménez durante la conferencia de prensa previo la premiere del documental en Santo Domingo


Cecilia Domeyko, Dedé Mirabal y Rafael Emilio Yunen, durante la presentación del documental en el Centro Cultural León en Santiago, República Dominicana

Cecilia presenta el documental en el Centro Cultural León en Santiago

Cecilia Domeyko y Minou Tavárez Mirabal durante la conferencia de prensa en Santo Domingo, previo a la premiere



Following the Premiere in Santo Domingo, Cecilia traveled on July 2 to the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, where she was invited by Lidia León, the Director of the León Jiménez Cultural Center to present the film. The film was shown before an audience of 200 people in the León Jiménez Cultural Center, after which Cecilia was joined by Dedé Mirabal, the surviving Mirabal sister in a panel discussion. Both answered questions from the audience.



Cecilia then traveled to the city of Jarabacoa, to show the film there aqt the invitation of the Mayor of Jarabacoa. Following the film, composer Angie Del Riego sang the theme song before an audience of 100 people.




In May of 2009, Cecilia was invited by Ellas, a magazine published by La Prensa de Panama newspaper (the country's main and most prestigous newspaper) to present the documentary at a VIP reception. The showing took place in Panama City, and was the highlight of the celebration of the magazine's 1000th edition, and was attended by members of Panama's government, and of the artistic and cultural elite of Panama.

During her stay in Panama, Cecilia showed the "Making Of" the documentary to a group of 200 students at the Latina University of Panama. At the University, Cecilia was presented with a special award, and answered questions from the student audience.

Cecilia Domeyko presenta el documental durante un conversatorio en la Universidad Latina de Panamá


Cecilia Domeyko y Alvaro Sarmiento, Director de Suplementos del Diario La Prensa de Panama durante la premiere del documental en Panamá

Alvaro Sarmiento, Cecilia Domeyko e invitada durante la premiere del documental por Revista Ellas en Panamá



The Washington Premiere of "Code Name: Butterflies" drew an audience of 500 invited guests.  The historic Hall of the Americas at the Organization of American States was packed with attendees that included seven members of the Mirabal family, Ambassadors and members of the diplomatic, cultural and social world of Washington, DC.  There was a large number of Washington's press corps covering the event.


Among the members of the Mirabal family who flew from Santo Domingo for the Premiere were surviving sister Dedé Mirabal; Minou Tavárez Mirabal, daughter of Minerva Mirabaland currently a congresswoman in the Dominican Congress; Leandro Guzmán, widower of María Teresa Mirabal, and his wife and daughter; and Noris González, daughter of Patria Mirabal.

The documentary was introduced by the President of the Inter-American Commission of Women, Laura Albornoz Pollman. Ms. Pollman is also the Minister of Sernam, the Chilean National Women's Service in Santiago, Chile and flew in for the premiere.  She praised the film and talked about the importance of National Women's Month. Next at the podium was Dominican congresswoman Minou Tavarez, who praised documentary Director Cecilia Domeyko for her passion and love for the story of the Mirabal sisters, for the incredible quality of her work, and for the dedication she shown for so many years.

During the documentary the Mirabal family and other Dominican members of the audience were visibly moved and tearfully embraced each other and then Cecilia Domeyko at the end of the film.  

Following the showing of the documentary there was a question and answer session in which Cecilia Domeyko, as well as Minou Tavarez and Leandro Guzman enlightened the audience about the documentary´s production and Dominican politics. 

Mr. Guzman praised the documentary, adding that though the documentary had brought back painful memories, it truthfully portrayed events during the Trujillo regime and others related to the personal life of the Mirabal sisters and their family.

The Premiere of  "Code Name: Butterflies" was sponsored by Inter-American Commission for Women at the OAS; the Museum of the Americas; the Department of Cultural Affairs at the OAS; the Permanent Missions of Chile, the U.S. and the Dominican Republic to the OAS; Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana; Mr. Angel Garrido; Ms. Carmen Lomellin; the Mariposa Cultural Foundation, and the organization, Group of Dominican Professionals in Washington, DC.




"Code Name:  Butterflies" was selected as an official competitor at the 11th Annual Washington, DC Independent Film Festival (www.dciff.org). Screening of the documentary tool place on Sunday, March 8 at 12 noon at the Phoenix Theaters at 50 Massachusetts Avenue, N.E., with Cecilia taking questions and answers from the audience.

The documentary was also on the official selection list at the 2009 International Film Festival  of Cartagena de Indias in Colombia.



A Gala Fundraiser and Silent Auction held at the Embassy of the Dominican Republic and hosted by Ambassador Flavio Dario Espinal and Minerva de Espinal on October 1, 2008 was a huge success!. The event was organized in support of the "Code Name: Butterflies" documentary film, and non-violence against women.

The event was attended by Washington's elite, diplomats, members of the film industry, and representatives from women´s organizations around town. "Code Name: Butterflies" director/producer Cecilia Domeyko was introduced by Ambassador Espinal. Cecilia gave a brief description of the documentary and showed a trailer of the program.

The director and her team thank all who attended the event and generously donated funding through tickets purchases and for the purchase of items at the silent auction. All proceeds will go toward completion, promotion and distribution of the documentary.

Audience during Cecilia Domeyko's presentation
at the fundraiser and silent auction.

The audience enjoys a comment by Manny Acta
during the presentation.

Graphic designer Rodrigo Vera, Butterflies editor Jamie Godfrey, organizers Marisa Domeyko, Rouane Itani,
Veronica Maturana and Silvia Sanchez
at the registration desk.

Event organizer Yesmin Chabebe with her daughter
Ana Teresa, Silvia Sanchez and Marisa Domeyko

Minerva de Espinal; Ada Hernandez, Press Attaché at the
Dominican Embassy, organizer Alexandra Mastroguiseppe,
and friends during the embassy event.

Cecilia Domeyko after being introduced by Ambassador
Flavio Dario Espinal and Minerva Espinal.

Filmmaker Aviva Kempner, director Cecilia Domeyko,
Chilean reporter Antonieta Cádiz and her husbando
Rodrigo at the event.

The party at the Dominican Embasssy in full swing.

Editor Jamie Godfrey; Edilio Paredes, first guitarrist;
composer for Butterflies, Angie Del Riego, and performers.

Director Cecilia Domeyko introduces TV celebrity Nancy
Alvarez to the audience during the embassy event.



"Code Name: Butterflies" is a serious work. Without gory images, this documentary shows horrific violence committed against women, against the Mirabal sisters. The Butterflies still have their wings, and are still flying after all these years." Nancy Alvarez, TV Host and Psychiatrist.

Nancy Alvarez, the Oprah Winfrey of Spanish-language television, the host of Univision TV´s "Quién tiene la razón" and also a clinical psychiatrist came to Washington in support of the documentary "Code Name: Butterflies." On September 30, she gave a lecture at the Inter- American Development Bank connecting issues and thoughts related to non-violence against women to the documentary "Code Name: Butterflies". The evening commenced with a showing of the documentary trailer and then Nancy spoke supported by a powerpoint presentation.


The Butterflies team at the Interamerican Development
Bank for the Nancy Alvarez lecture. From left to right:
Veronica Maturana, Angie Del Riego, Hainess Egas,
Alexandra Mastroguiseppe, Silvia Sanchez
and Marisa Domeyko.

Television celebrity Nancy Alvarez during her lecture
at the Interamerican Development Bank.

Organizer Yesmin Chabebe, TV celebrity Nancy Alvarez
and Director Cecilia Domeyko on stage
after Nancy´s lecture at the I
A member of the audience asks a question during
Nancy Alvarez´lecture at the IDB.


Director Cecilia Domeyko at the IDB event.

Director Cecilia Domeyko presents the trailer for
"Code Name: Butterflies" at the IDB lecture.

IDB Alternate Director for the Dominican Republic
and Mexico, Roberto Saladin gives a brief introduction
during the lecture at the IDB.


The "Code Name: Butteflies" narration for the Spanish version of the documentary was recorded in New York by Colombian film star Catalina Sandino Moreno, nominated for an Oscar for her role in the feature film "Mary Full of Grace." The narration was recorded at Sountrax Studios in Manhattan.


Catalina is the narrator for the Spanish version of the documentary

Music for the documentary was recorded at IAS0 Studios in New York  by Ben de Menil.  The music was composed by Angie del Riego, who is from the Dominican Republic and was performed by a group of Dominican musicians, including lead guitarist, Edilio Paredes


Music was recorded with Ben de Menil at IASO Studios
in New York

The sound mix for the documentary is being put together by Chilean, Javier Leon.


Javier Leon is mixing the audio for the documentary
in both English and Spanish
On June 20, Professor Anthony Stevens, Professor of Dominican Studies at the City College of New York, brought together a group of fellow Dominicans who watched the documentary trailer, and pledged their support by donating ovr $2,000. Thank you!! We truly appreciate your help!

A dynamic multinational team is now preparing a series of events to help raise funds and bring the documentary to completion.

Yesmin Chabebe and Angie del Riego from the Dominican Republic; Silvia Sanchez from Spain; Richard Cisneros from El Salvador; Marisa Domeyko from the U.S., Rouane Itani, a filmmaker from Lebanon, Accent VP, Jack Jorgens and Director/Producer Cecilia Domeyko are working hard to get the documentary seen by the world.

Others may soon be joining us. Talented volunteers are welcome!
Sponsored by The Mariposa Cultural Foundation | Copyright 2008